The Amazing Race finale recap: 'It's Just a Million Dollars, No Pressure'

February 22, 2018

When you can imagine any one of the remaining teams heading into the Amazing Racefinale — Team Xtreme, Team Yale, The Indy Boys, and Team Big Brother — participating in an All-Stars season, you know it’s going to be a good final two legs. And when those legs are taking place in season 30, and the name of the game is mega-competition, you know the TAR challenges are going to bring the heat (and the death-drops, and the puzzles, and the hustle, and the bustle). And when you know that the final three teams raced through nine countries, 21 cities, and more than 29,000 miles to get here…well, you’ve probably been listening to Phil, and that’s a good thing. The man is full of wisdom; he taught me that fortune cookies were invented in San Francisco tonight!

I would have been happy with any of the remaining four teams winning as we entered Wednesday night’s finale. As they cruised through the two hours, laughing, crying, and occasionally beating the crap out of old TVs with baseball bats, I found myself rotating who I was rooting for constantly.


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