Lots to Talk About - Here's a List of Where to Hear Rossi & Friends

April 21, 2020

Staying at home, but still busy. Alex has been chatting with lots of folks about quarantine life, iRacing and bourbon collecting. Put in your best listening devices and give these shows a go.

Business Insider (turn x turn at the Indy 500)
Brick x Brick on SiriusXM
 (Alex and others)
Jim Beaver's Project Action
Profoundly Pointless
Off Track with Travis Pastrana (Alex, James and Tim)
This Week in IndyCar with Marshall Pruett
Now What with Jessica Graf (Alex and Conor)
WhiskyCast (Alex, James and Tim)
Bob & Tom Show
Spike's Car Radio (Alex and Conor)
Sports from the Sidelines on SiriusXM (Alex, James, Conor, TK)

Did you enjoy one particular show more than the others?  Make sure to share on your social media! 



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