- 'There’s a common denominator...'

June 24, 2018

I’m not really bothered by what people think because I’m here to win races and win a championship, This isn’t a friend competition. This isn’t a buddy-buddy type of thing for me. I’m happy to be friends with them off the track and when we take our helmets off. But once the race starts, man, unless you are a teammate of mine, I'm not here to do anyone any favors."

Unlike Sato, Wickens said he doesn't plan to talk to Rossi about the incident or even hold it against him. He did seem take a little satisfaction in the fact that Rossi's day was derailed my a mechanical issue. 

"Karma's an (expletive)," Wickens chuckled. 

But that seems as far as Wickens will go in holding a grudge against Rossi. They've known each other for too long, Wickens said, for a small incident to ruin their relationship. After their run-in at St. Petersburg, Wickens said the two didn't speak for a couple weeks but eventually sat down for a drink and hashed out their disagreement. 

Perhaps something like that will happen again in the future and maybe Wickens will even pass along some of the thoughts he shared with IndyStar on Sunday:

"The thing with Alex is he puts himself in situations where if the other person doesn’t give, they’re going to crash," Wickens said. "He’s just...



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