IN MY WORDS: Life(style) support system

September 08, 2017

I want to take a moment to explore the not-often-discussed topic of family in motorsports. In my first RACER column way back in March, I wrote about how a driver is nothing without his team, and that this is one of the most team-oriented sports an athlete could take part in. But what also defines motorsports is the families behind the drivers that grant us the opportunity to do what we love, because it's not just a job, it's a way of life.

Let's start with our parents. My mom and dad, like those of many other racing drivers, sacrificed an unbelievable amount of time, energy, heartache and money into a sport that has no set path for what it takes to be successful, no school to train and develop skills, and next to no scholarships to help grant your child the chance to even see if they like the sport in the first place.

Their friends called them crazy for even considering spending the amount of money that they did on a 10-year-old. It's true, they may have been – but my parents had such a burning desire to give me...



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