INDYSTAR.COM - Daly, Rossi Give Fans Unfiltered Look Inside iRacing

April 07, 2020

Continuously, driver after driver – even those who take iRacing the most seriously – have stated that in the end, this six-race series boils down to a fan entertainment product, even more-so than the traditional sport. And now more than ever, there may not be a more entertaining racer to watch than Conor Daly.

Especially if you’re watching in the right place.

Yes, last Saturday’s event was shown on NBC Sports’ various platforms, and the week before, IndyCar and iRacing streamed the race everywhere from YouTube to Facebook Live and even a traditional website platform. But quickly, drivers’ personal streams – often on the gaming platform Twitch – have offered a view of the race from that driver’s cockpit as well as their own (relatively) unfiltered commentary, along with that of drivers they may have welcomed into their virtual chat room.

Daly, along with close friends and peers Alexander Rossi and Colton Herta, arguably put on the best show Saturday afternoon – irrespective of where the three finished on the track (seventh, 22nd and 23rd).

Here’s a sample of their sometimes off-the-rails conversation from Saturday on Daly's Twitch that, paired with some cars flipping and sliding, made for a more than entertaining re-watch.



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