Alexander has excellent F1 practice run in Canada

June 10, 2013

FP1: Overcast, wet track at start and drying out through session; min / max track temp 15° - 16°, air temp 15° - 16°

Fastest lap
FP1: RSS 1.27.143, 20th

Total laps:
FP1: RSS 20

Run Plan

Alexander Rossi, car #20, chassis CT03-#06

1002 – 1005: Run 1, installation lap, 1 lap (wet tyres)
Changes: n/a
1035 – 1047: Run 2, 7 laps (wet tyres)
Changes: rear wing, front / rear ride height, front wing flap angle
1102 – 1113: Run 3, 6 laps (intermediate tyres)
Changes: front wing flap angle
1122 – 1133: Run 4, 6 laps (medium tyres)

Alexander Rossi: “It was great to get back into F1 action and to do so in Canada, at a track I’ve raced and won at in the past in Formula BMW, was a good feeling. We’ve been keeping an eye on the weather forecasts for the last week, so we knew it was going to be wet, but it was still good experience to run on wets, inters and slicks, giving me the chance to try out the full range of tyres that I haven’t driven before in F1. After the installation lap I wanted to go straight back out again as, for me, moving up from GP2 grip levels to F1, even though the track was wet to start with, there was still so much more grip than I’m used to that I wanted to get on with it, but the main thing today was working to the plan and that’s exactly what we did.

“Now it’s straight back to Europe for the next ‘first’ for me this year, Le Mans. The plan is all focused on F1 but I’m excited about adding endurance racing to my CV and I’m with an experienced team, with a number of people from Caterham who I know and have already worked with, so I know we can put in a good performance. It’s another learning curve, but, like today in the wet / dry conditions, I know how to adapt to what’s in front of me and that’ll come in very handy for my Le Mans experience.”


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