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Through Alexander's Racing Career he has received several accolades from many of the people and companies he has worked with. Here are a few of the things people had to say.

“Throughout my career I have been told a number of times that it is not possible for my dreams to come true. AirAsia and Team Lotus both prove every single day that hard work, dedication and passion combine to prove the doubters wrong and I believe those qualities are what will help take Alexander Rossi to the top step in Formula 1. Alexander has the natural talent, fighting spirit and the dream of proving that the USA can produce another F1 World Champion who can follow in the illustrious footsteps of iconic names including Phil Hill and Mario Andretti." May 2011

Tony Fernandes
Team Principal, Team Lotus F1 Team

“Alexander Rossi impressed all of our judges during the three day assessment for a place in the FIA Young Driver Excellence Academy. He proved to be an all-rounder and a driver with a lot of potential; performing well in all areas of the tests. Alexander already has an impressive racing CV and we are very much looking forward to working with him and our other finalists this year to help them all to continue to grow and develop as professional drivers, both on and off the track." February 2011

Richard Woods
FIA Institute Director General

“We are very pleased to have Alexander as part of our Program. He has a strong racing CV and win percentage and has already achieved some significant results including the 2008 Formula BMW World Championship. Alexander is the most senior of the drivers in the Program with a lot of experience at several top levels of racing. We at the AirAsia Team Lotus Driver Development Program have high expectations and belief in him, which is highlighted by his involvement in today’s run in the Team Lotus F1 car." March 2011

Alex Yoong
Ex-F1 Driver and Head of the AirAsia Team Lotus Driver Development Program

"I've known Alexander two years. Right away he impressed me by his winning record, maturity and his dedication at only 17 years of age. He has won at every level in the past, that is why I wanted him to drive for ART. Alexander is excellent in traffic, no mistakes and very articulate with his feedback. To leave America and move to Europe takes guts and commitment. Very few Americans have done this and Alexander has done it successfully. Alexander has what it takes to make F1. An American driver is important for Formula 1 and good for American Sponsors. Alexander has a great opportunity."

Nicolas Todt
Team Principal, ART Grand Prix
GP3 and GP2 Series

"I've followed Alexander since Formula BMW. Alexander is one of those drivers that can start from the back and win, that is a driver with a lot of talent. Alexander for racecraft, he is one of the best drivers I've seen until now. Alexander does things that Lewis Hamilton did in Junior Formula. Alexander is F1 material."

Alfonso de Orleans Borbon
Team Principal, Racing Engineering
GP2 Series

"It is very important to have another successful American driver in Formula 1, since Mario Andretti. I believe if another American was in F1 it would help facilitate another race in America. I rank Alexander very high. He has very skilled racecraft, he is professional and committed. These are factors of building up a successful career. I am convinced Alexander will be in F1."

Franz Tost
Team Principal, Scuderia Toro Rosso, F1 Team

"Alexander came into Formula 1 test and delivered a quick pace, no mistakes and had the physical conditioning to deliver 380 kilometers. It would be so fantastic to have a competitive American driver. It is about to happen, and Alexander could be this driver."

Pedro de la Rosa
Formula 1 Driver

"Alexander is very quick and an adapting driver. Immediately in Europe, he was quick. Alexander"s driven World Series, GP2 and tested F1. Every car he's in, he's fast."

Paul Jackson
Team Principal, iSport International Ltd
GP2 Series

"I've worked with many great drivers over the years. I have no doubt that Alexander has what it takes to succeed in F1. Had USF1 raced in 2010, Alexander was our third driver with a strong CV and F1 Superlicense. He's fast, calculating, aggressive and decisive in traffic. One has to only spend a few minutes with Alexander to grasp the scale of his commitment."

Peter Windsor
Ex-F1 Team Manager, journalist and USF1 Team - Sporting Director

"I've worked with Formula One drivers for two decades. Alexander lives near me for a reason, and I have the pleasure to work with him daily when he's not traveling. Alexander works harder than anyone I've worked with. We prepared him for his F1 test in Jerez. He was flawless for 85 laps without fatigue. Alexander's physically ready for F1 now."

Beppe Sebastiani
Formula 1 Physio

"Alexander Rossi. I have known him since he was 15, first applying to Formula BMW and can categorically state that my impressions of him have been completely positive. I have been the Senior Vice President for Racing Operations at CART (IndyCar) and the Chief Operating Officer at IMSA / ALMS (the International Motor Sports Association and the American Le Mans Series. I am currently an Independent Director of the ACCUS / FIA and the Alternate Delegate for the United States to the FIA and a national and international steward. As a result, I have been asked to act as referee for many young drivers at all stages of their careers. Alexander stands out, in my mind, because even at 15 he was a serious student of his craft. While many of his peers were unable to learn the lessons provided at the Formula BMW level, Alexander was polite and inquisitive, paid attention to the details that were explained by the officials, the series managers, and his team. Alexander has taken seriously the need to be both mentally and physically fit, and has sought out professional advice and undergone an intensive regimen with a dedication that is unusual for his age. When it is common to see young drivers walking around the paddock socializing, one is much more likely to see Alexander engaged in serious conversation with his engineers, pushing them to teach him the intricacies of the car. Finally, I have observed Alexander interact with the media, sponsors and officials. In that regard, I believe that he will be an asset and a credit to the sport for a long time to come."

Timothy A. Mayer
Director of the ACCUS / FIA and the Alternate Delegate for the United States to the FIA