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Words from AR about FIA Institute

Sunday, October 30, 2011 5:49AM

The last FIA Institute YDEA workshop in Teesdorf, Austria was this past week. It was one of the most eye-opening we’ve had to date and fitting as it not only brought a close to the inaugural year of the academy, but it also certified all participants as an FIA “Road Safety Trainers.”

Watching and learning about the dangers of driving on the road and the many common mistakes that are made daily by all of us was good to learn from this perspective. It motivated me to make a difference as a driver in motorsport to encourage safe driving and better education for young drivers on the road.

I am very thankful to everyone at the FIA Institute as they have entrusted me to be an ambassador for the sport and safety. I would especially like to acknowledge Alex Wurz and Robert Reid for the opportunity I had this year to work with them. I’d like to encourage all up and coming talents in motorsport to try and find a slot on the upcoming roster for the Academy.

I look forward to working with everyone at the FIA for many years to come in motorsport.


Alexander M. Rossi

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