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2011 Pre Season Update from AR

Monday, March 07, 2011 10:07AM

March 3-4th, 2011 - Alexander Rossi was invited by INTEL to the

Intel GP Series World Final at CeBIT (the world's largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions) in Hannover, Germany, to crown the world's greatest sim racer.

The thirty-lap final race, in Star Mazdas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, was held as part of the Intel Extreme Masters tournament and attracted a huge crowd to the Intel Hall on Friday. The final capped a year-long competition attracting more than 7,500 iRacing members from around the world, with final 8 in a shoot-out for the World Final.

″It's the second time I've been to CeBIT with Intel, but I wasn't putting in any demo laps myself this time.″ Alexander commented. ″I was commentating during the events, giving professional level information to the fans, explaining my own experiences and providing live technical feedback of the participants as they relate in the real world of motor racing. Eight of best online tournament drivers from around the world competed for mega prizes and the turn out by gaming supporters was massive.″

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An interview with AR by Emma Buxton, Driver Communications

Q: Following your strong 2010 WSR debut in Monaco how did you feel going in to the post season tests in Spain?
AR: I was happy about the opportunity to experience the car on a permanent course. Monaco is in a class of its own as far as set-up. What your able to do with aero settings due to the special nature of the track. I was with ISR for both Monaco the and post season tests, so I was quite confident that we'd perform at a high level. I believe we accomplished that at both Barcelona and Alcaniz.

Q: Why did you sign with multi-championship winning Fortec Motorsports Ltd to contest in World Series by Renault this year?
AR: I have known Richard Dutton (Fortec Motorsports) for sometime now and we always felt really comfortable around Fortec. We established a very good relationship over the years and when Richard contacted us for WSR it was a very attractive situation. I am thrilled that we were able to come to an agreement.

Q: You were recently accepted as one of only 12 drivers in to the FIA Institute's Young Driver Excellence Academy, what does this mean to you?
AR: The FIA Institute is a new program for everyone, so all of us are learning together. I didn't really know what to expect from the academy going into this program. But after our first workshop last week in Edinburgh, I'm honored to represent the United States for the FIA. To be recognized by the FIA at such a high level is nothing short of fantastic. I look forward to developing the relationships and contributing as much as possible to the program.

Q: What will you be doing this year as a member of the Academy?
AR: The focus of the Academy is to create well-rounded race drivers on and off track. We have different focuses that consist of: fitness, media training, team building, mental profiling, vehicle dynamics, and road safety. It is a very extensive program that really covers many different aspects of motorsports.

Q: WSR testing begins this month in Spain, are you prepared and ready?
AR: Absolutely. I have spent the entire off-season in California and Europe training, and I'm ready. The winter months are always the time to bump up the physical program and I think that we have done a good job at this. Obviously World Series races are longer and a bit more physical, so this was quite necessary. I am looking forward to getting back into the car. My last run was in final GP2 test in Abu Dhabi last November.

Q: You visited Austin, Texas last week. How are plans for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix coming along?
AR: Like any venture of this magnitude, there is a massive amount that has to be done. The people involved are extremely motivated, professional and well organized. I was impressed and have no doubt they'll be successful. The construction on the circuit is well underway and I can say it's going to be an incredible race track. It incorporates some of the most famous corners from around the globe and I think it is more or less breaking the trend for new circuits. It would be my honor to represent my home country at the inaugural event in 2012.

Q: Vettel, Kubica, Alguersuari all entered Formula 1 after seasons in World Series by Renault. Is that your goal?
AR: Yes, for sure. To get into Formula 1 is a task, regardless of what series you come from, but I definitely think that World Series by Renault provides a platform to get there. But like anything, you have to be at the top and right now...that's my only focus. I believe I'm in a good position to achieve this and look forward getting work this week in Aragon.

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