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'2011 Here We Come'

Friday, October 01, 2010 8:19AM

Hi Everyone.

Now that the GP3 season is over things are a little quieter but of course I'm really looking forward to finalizing my plans regarding winter testing ahead.

After Monza I returned to my house in Italy, which is on the coast, about 30 min from Pisa. I train twice a day with my physio Beppe, we really work well together and he has become a good friend. While I busy training, these weeks were quite different this time because my parents and my grandmother were all there and it was great to be able to hang out with them. My grandmother had never been here before, so I think she tried every type of gelato there is to try and my Dad had some fun when he decided to work out with my trainer and me for a few days. He had not ridden a bike in quite a while, but overall he's surprisingly fit and was able to do a 95 kilometer bike ride in 4 hours, not too bad. We need work on his hill training :)

It can rain a bit in Italy, so it was nice that we had really good weather over that period not too hot, not too cold. Italy is beautiful in the early fall, you cannot beat it!

Apart from my daily fitness, my life now is all about putting our racing program together for 2011 and continuing to study college on line. That is, when I'm not training!

Last weekend I went down to Vallelunga to help a young driver in a Formula Abarth race there. He's a good guy named Matteo Davenia. I met him in the gym and his father asked me to help him a bit with the set-up of the car and so forth, so that was kind of fun. It's been quite a while since I was actually a spectator at an event and I so I was pretty surprised at how nervous I felt before the start and so forth, now I know what all my team feels like when I'm racing. That was pretty cool! I'm glad I spend most of my time in the race car rather than watching from outside! Poor Matteo didn't have a very good run and so it was quite an eye-opener to see his Dad swap race teams literally over the weekend. One minute he was driving for Team A; the next he was in Team B, albeit with the same car.

I'm going to a Mugello test with him in a few days to try to give him more feedback.

So far as college goes, I'm Majoring in Business and I'm currently taking courses in Economics and Political Science. Because of the time difference between the States and Italy I sometimes have some very late nights watching the lectures on line but otherwise things are going well keeping me busy, let's put it that way.

Racing wise, it is going great for 2011, with as many teams and options some really good things in the making and news to come. I cannot share details now, but I'll be able to real soon. Stay tuned for more!

Anyway, have to run to meet my physio and hit the books this evening. I'll be testing this fall in Europe and planning my 2011 race program with my management and looks like I'll return to California in early December for a holiday break. I keep you posted!

Thanks for logging on and I'll talk to you again soon.

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